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Twilight Photography

Twilight Photography involves capturing images of a property during the 'golden hours' of dusk or dawn, when the natural light creates a beautiful, warm glow. This technique requires precise timing and coordination between the homeowner, agent, and photographer, as there's only a brief window of time when the lighting conditions are just right.

The result is a stunning image that showcases the property in a unique and captivating way. However, due to the need for a second trip to the property and the specific timing requirements, Twilight Photography can be more costly and time-consuming than other types of real estate photography.

Starting $199


Virtual Twilights

Virtual Twilights, on the other hand, offer a more flexible and cost-effective alternative. With this technique, standard exterior home photos are taken during the day and then digitally transformed in post-production to create the appearance of a twilight setting. This process eliminates the need for a second photoshoot and the timing constraints associated with capturing real twilight photos.

Virtual Twilights can be just as captivating as real twilight photos, and they offer the added benefits of lower cost and less time commitment from the homeowners. This makes Virtual Twilights a popular choice for many real estate agents and homeowners.

Starting at $12/photo

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