Our Mission Statement

Glasshouse Media creates high quality, affordable, and consistent digital media content that satisfies the unique needs and vision of our clients. Our team of production and client service specialists are committed to cultivating relationships with real estate and corporate professionals by delivering an exceptional customer experience, and striving to reach new boundaries with the variety of services we offer.

Core Values
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Glasshouse Media is committed to creating an inclusive and dynamic work environment that celebrates diversity and the unique experience and skills that our team members possess. Our company has flourished because of the hard work and commitment to excellence that our team members consistently deliver. We celebrate the kindness, compassion, and individuality that makes our team and our company so special!

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Glasshouse Media is the “one-stop shop” for our clients varied digital content production needs. Glasshouse Media strives to make access to our services easy by offering a streamlined scheduling process and clearly defined turnaround times. Our focus on the standardization of production procedures during our in-depth orientation process is paramount to delivering an unwavering high-end product.

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Glasshouse Media is committed to providing honest, up-to-date, and thorough information to all our clients, especially as it pertains to pricing, scheduling logistics, and expectations for the delivery of services. Glasshouse Media recognizes that our client’s time is their most valuable resource. We are dedicated to making their customer journey as simple as possible by clearly defining prices, production process, and turnaround time for services rendered.

We are also committed to creating an open, honest, and collaborative work environment in which employees are engaged throughout the strategic planning and decision making process. We recognize that our team members each bring unique perspectives and experiences to their roles and we are at our best when we incorporate these varied insights into our business development process.

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Glasshouse Media is committed to fostering an environment fertile for new ideas and innovation. Glasshouse Media has embraced new technologies since its inception in an ongoing effort to provide the cutting edge suite of services that will help our clients further distinguish themselves and their marketing package from competitors.

Glasshouse Media welcomes and encourages feedback from customers and frontline staff as our company is committed to constant improvement and achieving a high-performance, high-reliability organization.

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