Glasshouse Media has done videography for dozens of corporate clients — we've introduced teams, we've helped companies introduce new products, we've shown off new facilities and we've helped clients put it all together for their end-of-year meetings. if you need video produced, please contact us today!

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If you have a dream for a video project, our team has the equipment and experience to make it a reality! Video is an extremely adaptable format, and we've been impressed with the ways we've had clients use it. Glasshouse Media has been there to capture meetings for posterity. We've filmed simple profiles for social media & company websites. Over the past few years, our team has shot aerial video of solar panel installations and retail establishments so that their respective management could check compliance remotely. Glasshouse Media has produced end-of-year sizzle reels for clients to show at their annual team & shareholder meetings. We've filmed those same events, as well as marches and fundraising activities promoted by the companies we've worked for. Whatever your idea, please reach out - and we'll see what we can produce for you.

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