Glasshouse Social Media Marketing

“Let our content drive your social media. Get the most out of what we shoot.”

Intro: Here at Glasshouse Media, our goal is to help your business succeed. In today’s digital world, what you put online can have a profound impact on not only your personal success, but your business as well. Through the content that we create with photography, videography and 3D imaging we can help you find the right people looking for listings. Putting your name out there, and getting more connections will only help you in the future. Get dedicated help with social media through our social media management department.  

  1. Consultation:

When starting the social media management process, we will come to you with a lot of questions. We want to know your target audience and who you are interested in reaching out to.
We will schedule time with you to discuss strategies to implement to your business. In this meeting, we will go over in great detail all of our different packages, which social media platforms will work best based on your goals.  We also will address any questions you may have about creative writing, specific areas to focus on in regards to the social media posts.

2. Development:

If you have never used social media before, we’re here for you. We can create these accounts on your behalf looking just the way you’d like. If you’re looking to post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn,  we can take that burden off of you. We will implement all of the information on you or your business and present it beautifully. If you need new portraits taken for a profile picture, we can handle that for you as well. Gather all of the logos, photos, and useful information on your business, and share them with us. Once your accounts are completed to your liking, we can then begin posting content on your behalf, or aide you in this process.

3. Implementation:

Once we have completed our consultation (and development in some cases) we will then be ready to start posting consistently. Based on which social media package you choose, we will manage and post content on a weekly basis. Posting more will increase active engagement and attract more viewers to your page.

Listed below are our current social media management packages in place.

(Each social media package comes with 1, 3, 6, 12 month subscriptions) sub discounts - ?

Bronze: Monthly Subscription
  • Development plan.
  • 1 Weekly post across all platforms of your choice.
  • Active engagement following each post. (following up on comments, likes, etc)

Silver: Monthly Subscription
  • Development plan.
  • 3 weekly posts across all platforms of your choice.
  • Active engagement following each post. (following up on comments, likes, etc)
  • One monthly e newsletter with MailChimp (Monthly Market Report)

Gold: Monthly Subscription
  • Development plan.
  • 5 weekly posts across all platforms of your choice.
  • Active engagement following each post.
  • One on one post coaching session at the end of the month.
  • One monthly e newsletter with MailChimp (Monthly Market Report)
  • Database management.

(Web design notes - separate each tier by different bubbles/info)

4. Management:

Over the course of the subscription, we will be adamant on posting exactly what you’d like to share. In the realm of real estate, selecting certain rooms you’d like to highlight will be a great help. We want to show the best features every project to catch the attention of those browsing. Using creative writing with our photos and video, we will build your following, get more clicks through to your listings and websites, and most importantly create an active and positive online persona that people will be driven toward. All posts will be subject to change, and we would like to emphasize the importance of communication through this process. We want to help you succeed. Knowing your visions and passions will greatly help tailor our posts for you.