Experienced Providers

Glasshouse Media has been providing immersive, 3D walkthroughs with Matterport for over 5 years. As early adopters, we have a lot of experience. There are more Matterport providers every day - go with our expertise, and you won't be disappointed.

Just Like Being There

The 3D Walkthrough from Matterport is the closest thing to actually going to your place of business.

One Technology, Limitless Applications

We've been impressed at some of the uses our clients have come up with for 3D Matterport Scans. Obviously we can showcase a space, and the technology certainly grew out of real estate. If you run an establishment open to the public, we can show your place of business off before your client ever visits in person. Schools & Medical Facilities can be scanned along walkways, to give patients the lay of the land before they arrive. Short-lived exhibits - whether in museums or as their own installations - can be preserved for posterity. If you have an idea, reach out to us today, and we'll see if we can make it a reality!

Available in VR, and on GoogleMaps

Matterport now supports consumer Virtual Reality experiences including Google Cardboard, Samsung GEAR VR, and the Oculus and Vive platforms. We can also integrate retail establishments directly into GoogleMaps - so if you're a bar, a store, or a museum, potential visitors can walk through before they come down.


Get More with 3D Scanning

  • Immersive 3D Walkthrough
  • Integrate retail spaces into Google Maps Street View
  • Floorplan & Dollhouse Views
  • Printable Floor Plans
  • Accurate Square Footage
  • Works on any device and even in VR
  • Easily link to your personal website or MLS

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