The first real game-changer in real estate marketing since the invention of YouTube, Matterport is an interactive multi-format tour available in 3 different views. High-accuracy PDF floor plans are also available, processed directly from the 3D scan. The "wow!"-factor transcends generations. Whether an older couple of empty nesters, or their millennial children buying their first home - Matterport is the closest thing to actually visiting the home.

Matterport Pricing

All service prices scale with the size of the home. Prices include one year of hosting. Dollhouse Tours can be booked alone, or as a bundle including our photography & a floor plan generated from the 3D scan.

Dollhouse 0-2000 sq. ft. $279
Dollhouse 2000-4000 sq. ft. $329
Dollhouse 4000-6000 sq. ft. $399
Dollhouse, Photo & Floor Plan 0-2000 sq. ft. $379
Dollhouse, Photo & Floor Plan 2000-4000 sq. ft. $429
Dollhouse, Photo & Floor Plan 4000-6000 sq. ft. $529

Add-Ons & Fees

Please note - Floor Plans generated from the 3D Dollhouse Scan cannot be rushed - they are generated from the model itself.

Matterport 3D Space Hosting +1 Year $149
Matterport Hosting +2 Years $229
Matterport Hosting Lifetime $449
Twilight Photography Add-On $199
Aerial Photo Add-On $200
Aerial Photo & Video Add-On $300
RUSH Photo Service (Same Day) $50

Early Adopters

Glasshouse Media has been providing immersive, 3D home walkthroughs with Matterport for over 5 years. As early adopters, we have a lot of experience. There are more Matterport providers every day - go with our expertise, and you won't be disappointed.

One Tour, Multiple Options

The 3D Dollhouse Tour is available in three views - walkthrough, dollhouse, and floor-plan. Walkthrough is by far the most impressive - you move from point to point as if you're actually walking through the home! Floor plan view is a top-down look at the layout of the home. The 3D Dollhouse will actually let you spin the home, and click anywhere to zoom into Walkthrough view. Try our demo today, and you'll see why more and more realtors use our 3D Dollhouse Tours as their primary marketing content.

Save Your Buyers Time

Matterport now supports consumer Virtual Reality experiences. That means you can sit a buyer, and let them tour homes right there, from your office or in the privacy of their own home. Especially for first time buyers, you can very quickly determine what they like and don't like, without ever getting into a car! And of course, don't underestimate the "Cool" factor. Adding 3D Dollhouse Scans to your portfolio will help you please your current clients, and win new clients in the future.

One-Stop Shopping

Pair a 3D Dollhouse Tour with our award winning photography or an aerial video to showcase the exterior, as by its nature the Dollhouse only shows off the interior of a home.


Up Your Game

  • Immersive 3D Walkthrough
  • Floorplan & Dollhouse Views
  • Printable Floor Plans
  • Accurate Square Footage
  • Works on any device and even in VR
  • Easily link to your personal website or MLS
  • Fast processing times

High Quality, High Accuracy Floor Plans

We can use the 3D Dollhouse Tour to generate a high-accuracy floor plan. We'll deliver this in PDF format, and can provide each floor separately. Each floor has square footage measurements, and a sum-total of the total living space.


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