We expect the home to be ready-to-shoot. Your photos will look the best in clean home, with every light on - yes, even in the middle of the day. We're happy to help you turn on the lights, but we recommend you arrive 15-30 minutes before you shoot to ensure the home is in ready-to-shoot condition.

We've prepared this handy checklist to help you and your homeowners get ready for your shoot!

Agent/Homeowner Preparation Checklist

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The following checklist is intended to serve as a preparation guide for the Realtor and/or Homeowner to ensure our team is able to meet the vision of our clients and create the best real estate multimedia possible.

Overview - Interior

  • Please ensure the listing is safe and secure for the photographer(s) to complete the shoot.
  • House is clean and clutter free
  • Pets are held out of sight; put away pet dishes, toys, beds
  • Remove personal items/photos
  • Turn on all lights and lamps; open blinds and curtains
  • Remove clutter from counters, put away small appliances, and organize items on open shelves
  • Straighten dining area; push in dining table chairs
  • Make beds and arrange decorative pillows
  • Put away clothing and shoes
  • Hang fresh towels in bathroom, clean mirrors, clean toilet and close lid, remove all items from vanity, tub and shower

Overview - Exterior

  • Cars removed from the driveway and not directly in front of the house if possible
  • Clear walkways, declutter yard, pick up leaves and branches
  • Remove garden tools, supplies, and hoses
  • Put away toys and bicycles
  • Prepare pool, patio and deck areas - open patio umbrellas, uncover the grill and arrange furniture

Finishing Touches - The Day of Your Appointment

  • Remove your Realtor-branded For Sale sign from the post if you put it up ahead of time, or remove the post entirely.
  • Try to have the house ready half an hour prior to the start time of your appointment
  • Turn on all interior lights, including under cabinet lighting (regardless of time of day)
  • Turn off ceiling fans
  • For the best quality of photo, please try to stay entirely out of view of the photographer so that you are not in the background of the photo.
  • Prepare pool, patio and deck areas - open patio umbrellas, uncover the grill and arrange furniture
  • Keep your phone on you - Our photographers will reach out to the contact number included in the appointment booking to notify the listing agent or homeowner if they are running late.

Our photographers are happy to address minor items that have been overlooked, such as lamps not being turned on or blinds not being opened. However, our photographers are not expected to move anything major inside or outside the home - and are not expected to clean or move clutter from room to room or space to space within the home. If you some things couldn't be moved or weather did not cooperate, fear not - our post-product team offers up to six complex edits for free (including blue skies, green grass, etc).

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