Aerial Services Pricing

Aerial Services are priced at a fixed rate. We discount aerial services when bundled with any other service.

Aerial Photos $299
Aerial Photo & Video $399

Add-On Pricing & Fees

Aerial Photo Add-On $200
Aerial Photo & Video Add-On $300
RUSH Photo Service (Same Day) $50

Rise Above the Competition

Buyers look at a lot of homes, and while they're searching, they see a lot of the same things. Living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, a few shots of the front of the house. With our aerial services, you can show them something they'll remember.


Give Your Buyers New Perspective

You can write all you want about your listing. You can describe the beach, the water, the mountains or whatever it it is that sets your listing apart. Or you can show your buyers exactly what you mean, from a few hundred feet in the air.


Photography & Videography

Whether you're looking for a still shot from 200 feet in the air or a fly-by of your house and the lake it sits upon, we've got you covered. If you have a marketing idea, let us help you bring it to life!


Complement Your Marketing Package

However you choose to market your listing, aerial photo & video can be integrated into our other services. A few shots of aerial video are a great way to capture people's attention in our Cinematic Home Tours, for example. If you're using a 3D Dollhouse Scan to market your home - which only scans the interior of the home - some aerial photography can show potential buyers the exteriors with the same WOW-factor they get from walking through the home in the 3D tour.


Trust the Professionals

These days, everyone knows someone with a drone. But few people are aware of just how restrictive Federal Aviation Administration regulation has gotten for commercial drone use. Our drones are federally registered under the FAA's Small UAS Rule (Part 107). Each of our pilots holds a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. Holding this certificate demonstrates the they understand the regulations, operating requirements and procedures for safely flying drones. Each member of our Aerial team keeps up on current regulation.


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